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Our Parish is more than a church building or an event center, Our Parish is our friends and family uniting in our praise of God.

Jesus provided us the example of how we all must reach out to others, to extend the word of God to all through our ministries.

We recognize that all we have are gifts from God. We take from what he has given and share it as an act of thanksgiving.

Upcoming Divine Services

Our Patron Saint

St. George

This great miracle worker and martyr lived in the latter part of the third century A.D., during Diocletian’s rule of the Roman Empire. He originally came from the area of Cappadocia and  raised by very pious parents.

When Diocletian started his persecutions against the Christians, Saint George declared himself to be a Christian and thus denied the false idols. He suffered many tortures because of his belief, but never considered renouncing it.

The life of Saint George is a prime example of the life that each Christian should follow to obtain salvation.

St. George Winter Fest 2018
Vendor and Sponsorships Available Soon

Mark your calendar. St. George Winter Fest 2018 will be held February 1-4. Vendor partnerships and Sponsorships help St. George continue to build community ties while delivering wonderful memories.

More information coming soon…

Daily Readings of our Lord’s Word provided by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

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